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At Durst & Gans we approach your remodeling project just like we do with the design and construction of a custom home. For details on what you can expect working with Durst & Gans, see our “Our Process” section of our website.

One of the key differences between remodeling and new construction is that in most cases, our remodeling clients are living at home during the project. Our craftsmen and subcontractors who work on your remodeling project treat your home with great care and respect your privacy as rooms in your home might be shared as construction continues. In cases such as major remodels and whole house renovations, remaining in the house may simply not be practical.

Many families who have been thinking about building a new home have made the decision that remodeling their existing home is the better choice for them. If this sounds like you, Durst & Gans is here to help you transform your home into a place you’ll love for years to come!

For many of you the primary reason for choosing to remodel your home is that you simply want to give your living spaces a facelift. You may love your home, your neighborhood and its location, but feel it’s time for some changes.

Another popular reason to remodel is to finish unfinished spaces in your home or to add on for additional living space. In many cases our clients have unfinished lower levels which we transform into comfortable spaces for entertaining or relaxing with friends and family. For others, more living space is created by adding a bonus room above a garage or expanding kitchens and family rooms.

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